Tuesday 16 July 2019

J-Law speaks out over nude photos

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken about the nude photo hacking scandal for the first time
Jennifer Lawrence has spoken about the nude photo hacking scandal for the first time

Jennifer Lawrence has spoken out for the first time about the hackers who leaked naked pictures of her online, admitting it felt like "a sexual violation".

The Hunger Games star was one of over 100 celebrities targeted in the hacking scandal which saw over 60 nude snaps of her made public on the internet, including naked selfies.

Jennifer has now broken her silence, to Vanity Fair magazine - while posing topless on their cover, submerged in water.

J-Law said: "It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime.

"It is a sexual violation. It's disgusting. Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody's mind is to make a profit from it.

"It's so beyond me. I just can't imagine being that detached from humanity. I can't imagine being that thoughtless and careless and so empty inside."

The 24-year-old Oscar-winning actress revealed she had been so hurt by the ordeal that she had struggled to write a statement in response to what had happened to her.

"Every single thing that I tried to write made me cry or get angry. I started to write an apology, but I don't have anything to say I'm sorry for," she confessed.

"I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he's going to look at you."

Jennifer dated her X Men: First Class co-star Nicholas Hoult on and off for several years.

"Just because I'm a public figure, just because I'm an actress, does not mean that I asked for this," she declared.

"It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It's my body, and it should be my choice.

"I'm not crying about it anymore. I can't be angry anymore. I can't have my happiness rest on these people being caught, because they might not be. I need to just find my own peace."

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