Sunday 22 September 2019

JJ Abrams suggests future Cloverfield movie could be a western

He also suggested characters across the franchise could one day meet.

JJ Abrams compared the anthology of films Disneyland rollercoaster Mr Toad's Wild Ride (Ian West/PA)
JJ Abrams compared the anthology of films Disneyland rollercoaster Mr Toad's Wild Ride (Ian West/PA)

By Joe Nerssessian, Press Association

Cloverfield producer JJ Abrams has suggested a future film in his sci-fi horror franchise could have a western slant.

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens director surprised fans this week with The Cloverfield Paradox arriving on Netflix within two hours of the film’s first trailer airing during the Super Bowl.

Speaking during a Q&A with The Cloverfield Paradox cast including David Oyelowo and director Julius Onah, Abrams said “a western would be fun” when asked what genre he was considering for a later instalment.

The latest release is the third in the franchise following Cloverfield (2008) and 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016), with another movie to be released later this year.

He compared the anthology of films Disneyland rollercoaster Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, saying: “It’s not the biggest rollercoaster, it’s probably not the reason anyone goes to the park but I kind of always imagine when we were working on this movie I felt it’s like a Mr Toads Wild Ride… it’s insane. It can become your favourite ride at the park.

“I just lover the idea of this movie being so out there and so bold and crazy and daring and creating a circumstance that excuses behaviour and situations that are truly out there and nightmarish and horrifying and weird.

“Whatever is next I would love it if it feels like another book on that rack.”

Asked if the characters across the different films would ever meet, Abrams said: “We’ve talked about versions of things.

“The bigger ideas that we’ve had where this thing goes haven’t necessarily been those ideas but they’ve been fun kind of theoretical offshoots.

“The fun of the franchise I would like to think is every time there is a movie that is associated it’s a different thing. and sometimes it will be just up your alley other times it won’t quite be your thing.

“Hopefully every time it’s a crazy ride.”

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