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Jim Carrey says he was attracted to Irish ex-girlfriend's 'talent and beauty'



Jim Carrey has opened up about his relationship with his Irish ex-girlfriend.

The actor dated Tipperary make-up artist Cathriona White for a time last year.

The couple met in LA, where Cathriona, 27, is based, before Christmas last year but ended their relationship in March.

The Ace Venture actor, 51, revealed that that it was her talent and beauty that attracted her to him.

“We had a lovely time together but no, we’re no longer together,” he told the Irish Sun.

“Cathriona is a lovely young woman. I have always been attracted to talent, so if someone is beautiful and talented, that’s hard to resist.


“But as far as dating and stuff goes, I don’t know. I’m in love with everybody, all shapes and sizes and whatever. I don’t know what to do!” he added.

He also admitted that he finds being in a relationship difficult since he split with his long term girlfriend Jenny McCarthy in 2010.

"I have had a lot of short relationships in recent years. People get mad at me because I can’t be in a relationship, but I don’t know,” he said.

“I feel like I don’t know what the basis of it is. I am sure that there is someone who will make me want to shut it all down and do that long-term commitment thing, but I don’t feel compelled to be in a relationship.

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“I feel complete. I want to share myself and my life with people I care about, but I am just dating.

“I am seeing people and if someone bowls me over, that’s great. But I am not in a state of need right now in that regard," he added.

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