Saturday 24 August 2019

Jeremy Clarkson branded 'a buffoon' over Twitter jibe about Argentina

Jeremy Clarkson is at the centre of controversy again
Jeremy Clarkson is at the centre of controversy again

Presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been labelled a "buffoon" by an Argentinian voice artist after he hit out at the country over Twitter.

In a festive post, he wished his followers a happy holiday, but told the people of Tierra del Fuego to "sod off".

His comments came two years after he was forced out of the country in a row over a number plate used while filming Top Gear, which officials claimed was a reference to the Falklands War.

According to The Mirror newspaper, Argentinian voice artist Albert Canil hit back at the presenter's comment, saying: "Jeremy Clarkson has needlessly insulted Argentines with his vulgar Twitter that made the headlines today.

"What a disservice this buffoon has rendered to the UK."

The dispute was brought up again last month when Clarkson, 56, missed a flight from Stuttgart in Germany following an argument with an airport employee.

At the time, Clarkson said that the worker, Manuel Pereira, had stopped him at the departure gate and said: "I'm from Argentina, so f*** you."

But a spokesman for the Reutlingen police department, Christian Worner, said Clarkson and the film crew "paused in the lounge and thereby they did not hear the call for the delayed flight to London".

Adding that Pereira was Spanish, not Argentinian, he said: "Mr Clarkson did not want to accept this and there was a verbal dispute with the airport employee."

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