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Jamie Lee Curtis meets and greets Dubliner in hilarious video


Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis

Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis has been meeting Dubliners on the street as she discusses the finale of the Halloween movie series.

And it looks like one passer-by, Margaret McNamara, could be vying for fame herself, as she offers the most comedic line of the clip.

Lee Curtis, who praised Irish people on RTÉ’s The Late Late Show on Friday night, has been again showing her affinity for Ireland, by getting up close and personal with Dubliners.

The actress has been posting clips on her Instagram of her meeting passers by, as she points to a poster above her head, stating the final edition of the movie series, Halloween Ends, is about to be released on October 14.

In one video she says: “I’m with my new friend Margaret McNamara, who just said to me…”

And Margaret finishes off the sentence, adding: “Halloween, wonderful.”

Lee Curtis adds: “Look what’s behind you, up on the wall.” In perfect actor mode, Margaret is convincingly surprised, even offering a “oooh,” for the camera.

But then, the shopper really comes into her own, adding: “Great to meet you. You said wonderful stuff last night,” referring to Lee Curtis’ appearance on The Late Late.

Then she added: “He (Ryan Tubridy) is wonderful, great… I don’t want to take up your time, you’re a busy person, your children are all married, so you’re grand.”

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Bray broadcaster Laura Whitmore posted in response: “So Irish,” with a laugh emoji.

Another poster wrote: “Don’t want to be taking up your time aka, I’ve the groceries to be getting. Jamie, can we move this along please.”

Another poster commented: “Do you guys notice how she isn't mobbed by lrish people in the streets. We give celebs space and let them walk around and enjoy their day in Dublin…”

Another added: “Margaret’s accent is the bee's knees.”

The actress posted another clip with a shopper yesterday also with another of her “new friends”, Lisa. The shopper, carrying flowers, not only got to take part in the fun clip, but also got a peck on the cheek from the star.

The actress will play Laurie Strode in the famous horror film for the final time after 44 years as the heroic character.

The role has seen Lee Curtis go from victim to striking heroine, who takes on her demonic brother, Michael Myers, as he returns from the dead to murder and seek vengeance on Halloween.

The original 1978 movie directed and scored by John Carpenter is beloved by horror fans globally.

The finale will see this long running saga wrapped up and without doubt, it will prove a popular movie with fans keen to see if Myers finally succumbs to the grave.

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