Thursday 19 September 2019

James McAvoy believes Scotland will have 'conscious uncoupling' within a decade

James McAvoy said he would
James McAvoy said he would "like independence at some point"

Actor James McAvoy believes Scotland will have a "conscious uncoupling" with the rest of the UK and vote for independence in the next decade.

The X-Men star from Glasgow refused to say which way he voted in last year's referendum but admitted he would "like independence at some point".

McAvoy, 36, told the Sunday Times' Culture magazine: "When we get it, it'll be - as Gwyneth once said - a conscious uncoupling, rather than a messy break-up.

"A lot of people who wanted it voted no last time because they didn't like Alex Salmond and sensed there was ego at play, rather than a conscientious leader."

McAvoy said he expected Scottish independence would arrive "in the next decade" and it would be a "grown-up, less harmful divorce" than what could have happened in September 2014.

The former Shameless star did not publicly announce which way he was voting before the referendum, which saw 55.3% of votes against independence.

The term "conscious uncoupling" was made famous when it was used to announce Gwyneth Paltrow's split with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

The Oscar-winning actress later denied writing the phrase, which appeared on her Goop lifestyle website in a post to announce the separation in March 2014.

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