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James Bond actor Daniel Craig now second-longest 007


Daniel Craig trails only Roger Moore for time spent as James Bond

Daniel Craig trails only Roger Moore for time spent as James Bond

Daniel Craig trails only Roger Moore for time spent as James Bond

Daniel Craig has become cinema's second longest-serving James Bond.

The British actor has now played the role of 007 for a total of 4,147 days - or almost 11-and-a- half years.

Craig officially took on the mantle of the world's most famous secret agent on October 14 2005. S ince then, he has starred in four Bond films.

The most recent, Spectre, was released in October 2015.

He needs to clock up another two-and-a-half years to become the longest-serving Bond, however.

That title is currently held by Roger Moore, who starred in seven films and spent 5,118 days in the role.

Daniel Craig's predecessor as Bond, Pierce Brosnan, is now in third place in the rankings, while the original 007, Sean Connery, is fourth.

Timothy Dalton, who appeared in two films, is fifth.

George Lazenby, star of just one Bond film, is in last place.

The figures have been compiled by the Press Association.

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To ensure a fair comparison, the rankings are based on the period from the day each actor was officially confirmed as James Bond to the day their successor was formally announced.

Sean Connery's appearance in 1983's unofficial 007 film Never Say Never Again has not been included in the calculations.

The James Bond franchise is now in its 55th year, having begun in 1962 with Dr No.

The identity of the actor to play Bond in the next film in the sequence remains uncertain, however.

Speaking in September last year, 007 executive producer Callum McDougall said he would "love" Daniel Craig to return the role.

"Without any question, he is absolutely [producer] Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson's first choice and I know they are hoping for him to come back," he told the BBC.

Craig said in 2015 that he would rather "slash my wrists" than do another film as 007.

Here is the full list of how long each actor has played James Bond in the official franchise, as of February 20:

:: Roger Moore - 5,118 days

:: Daniel Craig - 4,147 days

:: Pierce Brosnan - 4,146 days

:: Sean Connery - 3,049 days

:: Timothy Dalton - 2,863 days

:: George Lazenby - 875 days

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