Wednesday 17 January 2018

Jagger met lover two weeks before L'Wren's suicide

Melanie Hamrick, a dancer with American Ballet Theatre in New York, performs in
Melanie Hamrick, a dancer with American Ballet Theatre in New York, performs in "Giselle" (Photo courtesy American Ballet Theatre)
Mick Jagger with his former girlfriend L'Wren Scott who took her own life in March.
Melanie Hamrick was pictured with Mick Jagger.

Bill Gardner London

The mystery woman pictured cuddling Mick Jagger on a hotel balcony is a star ballerina more than 43 years his junior, whom he met two weeks before L'Wren Scott, his long-term girlfriend, committed suicide, it has been disclosed.

Melanie Hamrick (27), an American dancer, was photographed earlier this month with a dishevelled-looking Jagger (70) the morning after a Rolling Stones gig in Zurich.

Sources at the time claimed that the apparent rendezvous at the hotel had happened after a chance encounter in a nightclub, and was a one-off affair.

But it has been disclosed that the pair met more than three months before, backstage at a Stones gig in Japan, and two weeks before Miss Scott killed herself in her New York home.

Miss Hamrick, who described herself in a profile earlier this year as "goofy and awkward", is a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.

On March 6, she was among a group from the theatre which was allowed backstage at the Rolling Stones' sell-out concert in Tokyo's Dome stadium to be introduced to Jagger and the rest of the band. During the trip she excitedly posted messages and photographs online, but made no mention of the concert or meeting Jagger.

A spokesman for the singer confirmed that the pair first met in Japan, but another source stressed that they had only swapped contact details in Tokyo and claimed their first liaison did not take place until Zurich.

The friend reportedly said: "The girl in Zurich was just a brief fling but she isn't the first and won't be the last. Mick is like an old dog who can't be taught new tricks. Even before he started singing he was a womaniser and he still is. He knows no other way."

Earlier this year, Miss Hamrick was still engaged to Jose Manuel Carreno, a 46-year-old dancer who had appeared on 'Dancing with the Stars', the US version of 'Strictly Come Dancing'. The pair had been romantically involved for six years before he moved to California at the end of 2013 to become artistic director of a ballet company.

Discussing how she prepares for emotional roles in a 2012 interview, Miss Hamrick said: "For me, I have to take a few minutes once I'm in costume and think, 'What would it feel like for me if my fiance broke my heart?' And I use those fresh emotions and try not to have the same exact ways to think about it every time."

Yesterday, Miss Hamrick's mother Anne Hamrick, who at 66 is four years younger than Jagger, appeared to offer some sage words of advice after her daughter was identified as the mystery woman.

On her Facebook page she posted a Polish proverb: "Every time you feel yourself getting pulled into other people's nonsense, repeat these words: not my circus, not my monkeys." She also recited a quote from Aristotle: "There is one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, be nothing and say nothing."

The dancer lives in New York, three miles from the home on 11th Avenue that Jagger shared with Ms Scott, who hanged herself there on March 17. (© Daily Telegraph)

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