Wednesday 13 November 2019

'I've never felt as useless in my life as I was during Rita's labour', says new dad Daithi O Se

Daithi O'Se and wife Rita Talty
Daithi O'Se and wife Rita Talty
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

RTE star Daithi O Se has spoken candidly about his wife Rita Talty's labour on St Patrick's Day.

The Today host was speaking on The John Murray Show this morning about his excitement at becoming a first time father to Michael Og, who was born at University College Hospital Galway yesterday.

The 37-year-old said he'd never felt so 'useless' as he did in the delivery room.

'I was absolutely useless! I was there saying, ''I didn't want to hold her hand. I didn't know what to do and I've never felt as useless in my life," the role the RTE Radio One show.

"I'd tell her 'You're doing great', but it didn't feel enough because of what she was doing. So I stopped saying it.

"The midwife was guiding Rita through the breathing and I was doing the same thing. When she'd say, 'Put your chin down', my chin would go down, 'Take a deep breath' and I would take a deep breath and when she was said, 'Push', I don't know what I was pushing, but I was doing it"!"

"It's unreal. I was there for it all, when the baby was up on Rita, I thought, 'this is unreal' - I wanted to put that bottle in a moment and keep it forever."

Having been bombarded with advice from family and friends before Rita went into labour, Daithi said it was the hospital staff who added to the priceless experience.

'It was absolutely useless, the whole thing. Just to tell you how wonderful the doctors and nurses are in the University Hospital Galway. No matter what you hear is totally irrelevant. From the second we walked into the hospital, they walked us through everything - you never second guessed anything, or doubted anything.

"They tell you to keep your chin down and to push towards your backside," he added.

"Men feel really, really useless but I think just us being there isn't enough really, but a huge help to mom."

Daithi wed wife Rita Talty in Kerry in 2012.








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