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'I've been asked what famous people I’ve slept with in job interviews' - Amanda Brunker

Amanda Brunker
Amanda Brunker
Amanda Brunker at the IFTA Awards 2015
Amanda Brunker
Amanda Brunker at the IFTA gala television awards ceremony held at the DoubleTree Hilton, Dublin. Picture: Mark Condren
Amanda Brunker. Newsdesk Newsdesk

Former Miss Ireland Amanda Brunker has said questions she’s been asked in interviews throughout her career have gone beyond questions about her marital status.

This week, the Work Relations Comission determined that Minister John Halligan discriminated against a female civil servant with 23 years experience under the Employment Equality Act when he asked her if she is married or has children.

But Ms Brunker, in her weekly column in the Sunday World, has said she’s been asked a littany of very personal questions in job interviews.

She outlined her disbelief that people had called for the Waterford TD to step down from his Cabinet role.

“Seriously, people, is this really a sackable offence?”

“I’ve been asked my dress size, my bra size, and what famous people I’ve slept with – and that was just to get a job working in a restaurant.”

“I was told ‘only single, sexy people get to work here’ and that having a boyfriend was ‘not ideal’.”

“I’ve been grabbed, groped, ogled, admired and those are probably just the better interviews.”

“Please, let’s not start drawing up court papers every time a person gets tactile.”

Ms Brunker, a married mother of two, said marital status shouldn’t be a “taboo” subject in interviews.

“Call me cynical, or maybe I’m just annoyed I never got any sympathy for my dodgy interview experiences, but since when did asking someone their marital status become taboo?”

“It’s not as if he asked her if she was planning on having any more kids and when? So chill out people.”

“I do know I’ve been humiliated, ridiculed, and embarrassed by people I was trying to impress to get a job.”

She added: “Maybe I’ve been living in some alternative universe and I’m the only one who has been subjected to ludicrous interview questions and maybe being asked if you have a family is a horrendous violation of privacy, but surely in 2017 it’s okay for married women to work, no?”

“Indeed, looking back there was a time when if a man only commented on how nice my boobs were, I would have thought that was a good interview.”

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