Sunday 19 November 2017

'It's hard to take women seriously when they dress sexy at work,' says forecaster Evelyn Cusack

Evelyn Cusack
Evelyn Cusack
Evelyn Cusack
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Paul Healy

Top weather forecaster Evelyn Cusack has spoken out against women who are "too frivolously dressed".

The Met Eireann presenter, who describes herself as a feminist, has cautioned against women overdressing on TV.

"It's hard to take a woman seriously when you're hearing her leather skirt squeaking and her earrings dangling," she said in an interview with Woman's Way.

The 50-year-old said that she likes to dress well for her weather forecast, but that she thought it was important not to distract the viewer.

Evelyn Cusack
Evelyn Cusack

"I'm a bit like Angela Merkel, nobody comments on her clothes, she just has 40 different jackets in different colours," she said.

"I don't think women should be sexy at work, that's my opinion."

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The outspoken presenter said that she believes "every woman should be a feminist and every man should be too".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

"Because all feminism is, is equal rights," Evelyn added.

"If I would follow anything it would be humanist, it's that all human beings are equal."

In the revealing interview the meteorologist also said that she is single and that meeting someone "wasn't on the radar".

She spoke candidly about her only child - 15-year-old Fleur, who just completed her Junior Certificate and has a love for music and maths.

"She's independent, she's an only child so I spoil her rotten," Evelyn says. "Maybe I worry that she is an only, lonely mouse, but she has cousins and she has school friends."

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Evelyn said that the role of a parent was about keeping her child "alive happy and healthy".

The RTE weather woman admitted that she wasn't overly religious but said that she understood the power of prayer.

"If you're sick … your neighbour comes in and says I'm praying for you, and I've said Mass for you, you do feel better," she said.

"There's very good scientific evidence that prayer does help.

"It's nice to feel someone's looking out for you," she added.

The RTE presenter said that when she isn't working, she likes nothing more than to settle down and watch her favourite Netflix shows with her daughter.

Now in her 27th year broadcasting for RTE, Evelyn is still the most popular TV weather forecasters, according to a recent poll, followed closely by her colleague Jean Byrne.


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