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It’s back on: David Gandy and Mollie King are an item again



Male model David Gandy and singer Mollie King have rekindled the flame.

Rumours have circulated for the last few months that things were heating up between Gandy and his ex-girlfriend Mollie King, and now they have been pictured on a romantic stroll through London.

Mail Online snapped the pair on a date in the city, holding hands as they emerged from a cafe with Mollie’s dog Alfie in tow.

The model and singer dated in 2011 for almost a year, before amicably splitting.

The Saturdays star Mollie (27) was in a relationship with American producer Jordan Omley since April 2013, but they ended things earlier this year according to tabloid reports.


Molly and David were seen dining together during the summer, igniting rumours that the relationship was back on.

The stylish blond once told the media, “I’ve stayed friends with all my ex-boyfriends, which is nice because we often bump into each other at events.”

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