Monday 23 October 2017

'It was kinda perfect' - Michael Fassbender reminisces about losing his virginity at 18

Michael Fassbender recently split with Alicia Vikander
Michael Fassbender recently split with Alicia Vikander
Michael Fassbender
Michael Fassbender with Marion Cotillard in Macbeth
Michael Fassbender is a sex addict in 2011 film 'Shame', opposite Carey Mulligan
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Michael Fassbender has opened up about losing his virginity, revealing it was "as good as it can be".

In a revealing interview with Elle magazine the 38-year-old star, who has dated costars Zoe Kravitz, Nicole Beharie, and most recently, Alicia Vikander, said he was 18 when he popped his cherry.

"All my girlfriends have lost their virginity before me!" he said.

"Guys are sort of trying since they were 13, but I was like, 18. I don't want to say anything more because I don't want to embarrass the other person, but it was as good as it can be, you know? It was what I thought it would be. And I really cared about the person I was with, so it was kinda perfect."

The Hollywood star, who is currently starring in Macbeth and traipsing the promotional tour for upcoming biopic Steve Jobs, also revealed his time as head altar boy made him popular with the ladies.

He revealed he would allocate jobs to the other boys and when asked by Elle if it was tough seeing all those tongues every day for communion he said it was "one of the best jobs you could get".

The magazine writes, "'People wanted it because girls you might like would be coming up' —he presses his hands in prayer, rolls his eyes skyward, sticks his tongue out, and starts laughing. 'You're close to the action!'."

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