Monday 16 December 2019

'In interviews, we were sitting beside each other and being compared' - Andrea Corr on intense focus on band at height of fame

Singer and author has revealed she will spend a family Christmas in Ireland

Andrea Corr
Andrea Corr

Lynne Kelleher

Andrea Corr has revealed she will be getting the famous band together over the festive season when she hosts Christmas for all her siblings.

The Dundalk star, who is on the cover of next month's Ireland's Own, said her two children feel very at home in Ireland after moving from England this year.

She said she will be reuniting with her sisters and brother for a special celebration at her new Irish home.

"I have two kids of my own now - Jeanie, who is seven, and Brett, who will be six in January, and they are really looking forward to Christmas," she said.

"We have just moved home to Ireland and it's like they knew they were little Irish people all along.

"I'm doing the family Christmas this year, and all the family and their kids are coming to my house. I'm looking after the cooking too, which I love.

"Our own house always smelled so good at Christmas time. I still remember the smell of mammy's kitchen at Christmas, the Dundee cake, her roast potatoes."

She added she is certain there will be singing involved, adding: "My mother-in-law Pat will be here and she loves a good sing-song.

"She will recognise that Jim is there, I'm there, Sharon is there, Caroline is there.

"So she'll say 'let's get singing'. We make her sing too so that's OK."

The singer has recently released her book Barefoot Pilgrimage, which looks back on her incredible life.

Andrea told Ireland's Own how she felt she was constantly having her looks compared to her famous sisters' at the height of their fame.

The mother-of-two was once voted the most beautiful woman in the world.

But she told the magazine she was uncomfortable with the level of scrutiny in the band's heyday.

"I didn't like how I looked on television. I think I had arrested development," she said.

"Most people go through that when they are teenager, but I seemed to have the self-conscious thing in my 20s.

"In interviews, we were sitting beside each other and being compared all the time.

"Jim was lucky. He was spared the competition because he was a boy.

"Maybe on one hand they are leaving him out, but they are assuming he is the musical genius because he is male while they are comparing our looks. I don't miss that at all."

She also revealed a touching story about her favourite primary school teacher who persuaded her as a tearful young child that she could take the lead in the school play by saying 'it's because I know you can do it'.

She later recounted the story in an interview and when she was sitting in her dressing room on the opening night of her appearance in Jane Eyre, she got a note saying, "you can do it, love Mrs O'Donoghue".


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