Wednesday 21 August 2019

I'm A Celebrity's Lady Colin Campbell backs away from Bushtucker Trial

Lady Colin Campbell refused to take part in another Bushtucker Trial
Lady Colin Campbell refused to take part in another Bushtucker Trial

Lady Colin Campbell refused to take part in a Bushtucker Trial, leaving her I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! camp mates with no meal stars.

Wednesday night's episode saw a vicious row break out in the camp between Campbell and other contestants, including Brian Friedman, Duncan Bannatyne, and Yvette Fielding.

As she said goodbye to her fellow contestants before joining Ant and Dec, she warned: "I am not doing it, it's as simple as that. You are all on a diet.

"After what happened yesterday, I am not prepared to put myself through unpleasant experiences to reward people who have ganged up against me, been abusive to me."

She told Vicky Pattison: "The idea that I will do anything for those jerks, if they were gagging with thirst and my urine would satisfy them, I would pee in the bush."

This was not the first time she had refused a trial. The 66-year-old previously declined to take part in Panic Pit, where she would be trapped in a hole in the ground, explaining: "I have a cousin who was murdered by being buried alive."

Despite flirting with show hosts Ant and Dec, she steadfastly refused to take part in the "Scarier 51" trial, for which she was nominated by the general public.

She told the hosts: "I will say upfront the human being who is going to get me to budge has not been born yet."

As Dec said he was going to try to persuade her, she asked: "Are you going to flirt with me as well?"

"If it will get you to do the trial," he joked.

"No, don't, because I'm not going to do it and I don't want you to think your charms were spurned, they would not be spurned in other circumstances," she said.

Dec asked: "You don't want to be tempted?"

To Ant, she said: "Why don't you try and flirt with me too, you bad boy? Look at those sexy muscles."

After Campbell's refusal, her camp mates were left with only basic rations.

Friedman complained: "I'm starving and I'm not only having rice and beans, I think it's really selfish. She wants to win, she is here for the remodel of her castle.

"Send her back to the throne she came from, I am going to pray that at the evictions the cold wicked witch gets her due justice. Banish her."

Camp leader Pattison and her deputy George Shelley were then informed of the "immunity challenge", with the contestants split into four teams of three.

The teams were tasked with working out various mental and physical puzzles together in the fastest time possible in rooms where they also faced jungle creatures - including a python.

A twist was revealed at the end of the episode, as Ant and Dec revealed live on air that the winning team would have to select one of the losing teams to face the first public vote-off.

The team they chose was told to leave camp immediately and spend the night the Danger Zone, ahead of the first live eviction on Friday night's show.

:: I'm A Celebrity airs every evening on ITV.

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