Sunday 25 August 2019

'I'd love to go back into the jungle' - Rebecca Adlington says she's 'addicted' to I'm A Celeb

Rebecca Adlington
Rebecca Adlington
Rebecca Adlington
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Rebecca Adlington might be be best known for her outstanding sporting achievements, but another turn in the I'm A Celebrity jungle is still next on her agenda.

The Olympic gold medallist (26) said she'd love to go back to Australia after loving her turn in the popular show so much in 2013.

“I’m absolutely addicted to I’m A Celebrity, I’d love to go back in," she told Independent Style.

"I think it was such an amazing time – the first week was horrible for me, we were in the horrible camp and we were sleeping on the floor, scared. As soon as we got into main camp, it was just brilliant. You just get on with it."

Rebecca Adlington
Rebecca Adlington

Although she'd welcome sleeping on hammocks and bushtucker trials, she said she won't be pursuing a full-time reality tv career.

"Within reason, something like Strictly would be really difficult because it’s a lot of time away," she said. 

"It’s a tough ask, it’s four/five months of your life and it’s really hard. Whereas it was a month in Australia and it was amazing – a once in a lifetime experience.

Me and my husband did a show called 'Seven Days With...' on ITV Be last year and that was really fun. Something from that world – I’m not an actress or reality star, it’s nice doing those things – it’s so unlike my day to day normal life."

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The revered athlete welcomed her first child, a daughter Summer in June, with husband of one year Harry Needs, and said motherhood has changed her perspective on life.

"I’ve definitely realised what’s important in life and let all the petty stuff go. I have everything I need here, I’ve got my daughter and my husband. It makes you more understanding," she added.

"You think about things differently. Before I had summer, the only person you had to think about was yourself.

"As soon as you become a parent, you become selfless."

Rebecca recently paired up with Lil-Lets new 'Let's Talk' campaign aimed at teenagers through a series of candid videos on YouTube.

"I don’t feel like being a teenager was that long ago for me. For me, especially growing up in sport, I had to deal with a few other things than normal people did – I had to put on a costume and go swimming everyday," she said.

"Everything I went through – periods, puberty, spots, braces – it’s nice to be able to talk about. I’ve been there, we’ve all been there."

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