Wednesday 23 May 2018

'I still meet my ex fiance Ray D'Arcy over the local fish counter,' says RTE's Geri Maye

Ray D'Arcy
Ray D'Arcy
Ray Darcy (L) and Geri Maye in 2003
When Ray D'Arcy married his producer and long term girlfriend Jenny Kelly at the weekend in Slane, she wowed in a full length beaded Jenny Packham gown. Declan O'Rourke performed at the ceremony and in attendance were Tommy Tiernan and Today FM pals Ian Dempsey and Mairead Farrell.
Marty Whelan and Geri Maye

Sharon McGowan

It's been 12 years since her wedding to Ray D'Arcy was called off, and now presenter Geri Maye revealed that she has "the man she deserves".

The RTE star, who was once engaged to radio presenter Ray, is now happily married to Limerick businessman Peter Collins.

However, Geri explained there is no bad blood between her and her broadcaster ex, and revealed that the pair often cross paths in the supermarket.

"I mean we're fine, we live in the same area," she said.

Ray Darcy (L) and Geri Maye in 2003
Ray Darcy (L) and Geri Maye in 2003

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"We meet in the shop, and it's all fine, we meet over the fish counter."

The former game show host said that while the pair were an item, Ray told her that he didn't deserve her.

"I remember when we were going out he used to say 'I don't think I'll ever be be the man that you deserve me to be' and I used to go, 'Oh don't be ridiculous'.

Ray D'Arcy and Jenny Kelly
Ray D'Arcy and Jenny Kelly

"But I look back - and only time and distance gives you this, everything happens for a reason - and I realise that I probably did need more.

"I do have the man that I deserve to have now."

Geri admitted she is thankful their relationship went the way it did, saying that breaking up with the former Today FM star meant she got to spend time with her sick mother who has since passed away.

Marty Whelan and Geri Maye
Marty Whelan and Geri Maye

"I look back [on the relationship] with gratitude - I know that's a very strange way to feel," she said.

"But as a result of the break up of that engagement I got four extra years with my mother.

"So we got that time with her with her that I don't think we would have got if it hadn't happened, because she was so sick. So lots of good came out of it."

Speaking to TV Now, Geri, who now works as a reporter on the Today Show, also revealed she was heartbroken when she was axed from Winning Streak.

"I was upset, I was definitely upset, because it wasn't just any show to me," she said. "I know some people just want something for a gig - they just want the next gig, whatever - but I didn't feel that way about that particular show.

"Maybe I was just too emotional about my work, maybe I just needed to detach. That was a lesson where I had to go 'Well toughen up, detach'," she added.


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