Monday 21 October 2019

'I just marry ‘em, get pregnant, sell it to ‘OK’ magazine, and then get divorced' - Kerry Katona laughs at her 'pattern' on Ray D'arcy Show

Kerry Katona. Photo: Ray D'Arcy Show
Kerry Katona. Photo: Ray D'Arcy Show Newsdesk Newsdesk

Reality TV star Kerry Katona got an applause from TV presenter Ray D’Arcy when she revealed last night how she has turned her life around.

Katona (39), who stars in E4’s Celebs go Dating, told D’Arcy last night that she and her ex-husband Brian McFadden are now on good terms, and she finished her latest show madly in love – with herself.

She explained: “I feel really good, I’m in a really good head space, so about time and all,” she joked.

“I think a lot of people look at me as being this gobby, confident, car crash personality and when it comes to love, I’ve not been really lucky.”

“So when I had to walk into this room full of men, most women would be like ‘woah’, and for me it as like ‘oh my God I’m forty next year, is this what it’s come to?’”

“But I’ve never actually dated, I just marry ‘em, get pregnant, sell it to ‘OK’ magazine, and then get divorced. It is a bit of a pattern.”

She joked: “They just fall in love with me dead quick, and I’m a people pleaser so I just say ‘yeah’, plus I like a wedding cake.”

Katona, who admitted that life as a single parent of five children can be challenging, said she and Brian McFadden now have a harmonious relationship.

“Me and Brian, it’s taken us both a long time to get to where we are now... the girlfriend he’s with now, she’s absolutely, she’s the best girlfriend he’s ever had, apart from me,” she joked.

“And he deserves to be happy as I deserve to be happy. But because she’s accepted me and my children, it’s actually nice to be in the same room together for the kids as well.”

“It’s taken us a really long time because I had to respect my husbands, their wishes, he had to respect his partners at the time.”

“The girl he’s with now, she’s an absolute dream, and my girls adore her and that’s all that matters to me.”

The former winner explained how she has reformed herself recently and is moving on with her life after her marriage breakdowns.

“For such a long time, other people’s opinions were everything to me because I was so desperate to be loved. I wanted to be loved, I felt so worthless, I was always rejected, I was an only child. I could go on and on.”

“I blamed the world, I was a victim, it was my mum’s fault for my upbringing, Brian left me, it was Mark’s, it was George’s, the list goes on... But until I actually took some responsibility for it, you know I probably wasn’t the greatest of wives, no one made me take drugs you know, the circumstances didn’t help but until you actually take some responsibility for it and start to accept it and stop living in the past, and living now, the moment, today, and be really mindful of where you are and embrace it – that’s the only way you can move on.”

“I’ve just got to send out lots of energy, of positivity and love and light, and it sounds so cheesy but that’s really how it’s turned out.”

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