Sunday 22 April 2018

I flushed his drugs down toilet - Michael's ex-partner

The late George Michael (left) and his former partner Kenny Goss. Photo: PA
The late George Michael (left) and his former partner Kenny Goss. Photo: PA

Laura Harding

George Michael's former partner Kenny Goss has claimed he used to flush the singer's drugs down the toilet to try to end his addiction.

Michael, who was found dead on Christmas Day at the age of 53, was killed by heart disease and a build-up of fat in his liver, which can be linked to drug and alcohol abuse.

Goss, who was in a relationship with the Wham! star for 15 years, said he would get rid of the drugs he found around the house but watched the singer decline in front of him.

In an interview to raise awareness about the pair's charitable Goss-Michael Foundation, Goss (58) said: "I would find drugs and flush everything down the toilet, thinking, 'If I just get rid of it he won't get more'. He was absent-minded, so would just think he'd lost them."

He added: "I don't think George necessarily thought he'd die young, but every time I looked into his eyes I thought, 'My God I'm losing you, what is going on'."

Goss said when they first met, Michael only smoked a small amount of marijuana, adding: "But it escalated. At one point, he was smoking 25 joints a day.

"I saw him smoke weed all the time but never hardcore drugs. He shielded me and his family.

"I asked [a psychiatrist] if I should leave George and he looked me in the eye and said, 'I think you are the only reason George stays alive'."

He added: "There was never a day I didn't worry about him. Right until the end, I still loved him."

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