Tuesday 24 October 2017

‘I feel sick’ Coleen Rooney takes to Twitter after her luggage is 'completely ransacked'

Coleen Rooney (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)
Coleen Rooney (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

It must be no fun in the Rooney household at the moment.

Wayne’s still, no doubt, devastated about England's early World Cup exit and his wife, Coleen Rooney has taken to Twitter to complain that her luggage was ‘ransacked when it arrived two days late to the couple's holiday in Las Vegas.

The wife of England star flew to Vegas on Saturday.

However, her luggage didn’t arrive until this morning and she was none too impressed when it eventually made its way to her hotel.

"Feel sick" she wrote. "Just received my 4 cases 2 days late from BA Heathrow to Las Vegas. Opened them all and they have been completely ransacked."

Coleen took no prisoners with her tweets and blasted the airline's customer service.

"Bags, shoes, bikinis, clothes, toiletries, underwear, pj's, make up, toiletries taken. Disgusting & the customer service getting is terrible."

She also wasn't prepared to take any criticism,  retorting to tweeters who claimed she had more than enough money to  replace her gear. "And you can stick all the sarcastic comments about money. It’s not all about money it’s about people going through my personal stuff and taking stuff that I need for my holiday."

The Rooneys are staying at  Encore Beach Club before Wayne resumes pre-season training with Man United under new boss, Louis van Gaal.

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