Monday 23 April 2018

'I don't want to plaster my private life all over the Internet' - Georgia Penna

Georgia Salpa with her husband Joe Penna. Photo Credit: Instagram @GeorgiaPenna
Georgia Salpa with her husband Joe Penna. Photo Credit: Instagram @GeorgiaPenna
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Model mum Georgia Penna has said she will not share photos of her husband or baby twin boys on social media.

Georgia (31) welcomed her babies in December, six months after she married husband Joe Penna in an intimate ceremony in Portofino, Italy.

Although she has 372,000 followers on Instagram and 1.2 million on Facebook, she will not share images from her private life.

"I share a very small percentage of my life," she told the Sunday Independent Life magazine.

"I look at my Instagram as a fashion and fun account.  None of my personal life is up there.  My husband, our beautiful babies, our wedding, our general family life, I keep private and always have.

"It's the most special and important thing to me, so I don't want to plaster it all over the Internet."

However, her husband Joe does feature occasionally although he is very private and does not have an Instagram account of his own.

She reveals that she has encountered negativity on social media, although her interactions are usually positive.

"To be honest, most people that follow me are so lovely, and it's mostly girls.  You'll always get one or two nasty comments.  Just stupid stuff. 

"I'll usually just ignore them, but sometimes I'll have to reply to them.  The ones that annoy me the most are "eat something" and "too skinny" and any nasty comments about my friends and family but most of the time people are really nice."

Georgia currently divides her time between London, Marbella, Gibraltar and Dublin and has taken a backseat with her modelling career in recent months.

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