Friday 20 April 2018

I don't recognise myself when I look in mirror, says new mother Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis gave birth to her son Caben-Albi nearly seven weeks ago
Stephanie Davis gave birth to her son Caben-Albi nearly seven weeks ago

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Stephanie Davis said she does not recognise her body after having her first child in January and that she is keen to get her pre-pregnancy figure back.

The ex-Hollyoaks star, 23, gave birth to her son Caben-Albi nearly seven weeks ago and has also admitted to not being prepared for the "exhaustion" that comes with motherhood.

Although Davis is incredibly proud with what she has gone through and her new addition, she is ready to start looking after herself again because she looks "horrendous".

Davis told the Press Association: "Obviously I'm made up that I'm a mum and what my body was capable of, and growing a bit and giving birth, that was amazing.

"But now when I look in the mirror I don't recognise myself, so I really want to get back to the way I was."

Davis is taking a course of non-invasive ultrasound-based liposuction called 3D-Lipo, which she hopes will "break up the fat" and tighten up her "wobbly areas" while not having to spend time away from her baby son.

She said: "It's non-invasive, it's not surgical, so it means I can still be a good mum to Caben and not be strapped up with bandages. A lot of celebrities decide to go down the surgical route but it's not for me."

For Davis - who became a first-time mother after falling pregnant with ex-boyfriend and former CBB co-star Jeremy McConnell - the treatments are a way of spending just a little time on herself in order to cope with the "overwhelming" pressures of motherhood, as well as acting as a physical boost.

She said: "I've been crazy. Caben looks amazing, and I look horrendous. That's why I like the lipo, it's something I'm doing for myself.

"I'm taking an hour out of my day, just once a week, to get some time back to myself. It's important to not lose yourself completely while having a baby because it is overwhelming."

She added: "Y our body changes so much after a baby, so I'm just taking it easy. I'm not pressuring myself.

"With eating, I need to start eating a bit healthier - I've been so busy with Caben I've been forgetting to look after myself and looking after him more.

"The lipo is going to help quicken up the process."

Davis said the most surprising thing she has discovered about being a mum to a newborn baby is how tiring it is.

"You can never prepare yourself for the exhaustion that comes with it. Always have coffee in the house. And just have patience," she said.

Press Association

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