Wednesday 23 October 2019

'I don't like social media but unless you're active on it, you disappear' - Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews and his wife Vogue Williams. (Ian West/PA)
Spencer Matthews and his wife Vogue Williams. (Ian West/PA)
Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams seen attending British Takeaway Awards at The Savoy on November 12, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Ricky Vigil M/GC Images)
Spencer Matthews and wife Vogue, left, and their baby son Theodore, right
Vogue and Spencer. Photo: PA
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews will star in their own reality show. (Steve Parsons/PA)
Vogue Matthews and Spencer Matthews attend the British Takeaway Awards, in association with Just Eat at The Savoy Hotel on November 05, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)
Baby Theodore, left, and Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams, right
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews
Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews with their new baby on the cover of Hello! (Hello magazine)

Craig Simpson

Spencer Matthews has claimed he dislikes social media, but needs it to stay in the public eye.

The reality TV star of Made In Chelsea said that unless a celebrity is an A-list Hollywood idol, they will not have the luxury of removing themselves from social media.

Matthews has said that it is essential to remain visible to the public online, or risk vanishing completely.

Wife and mother of his young son, Vogue Williams, has said her experiences of social media are largely positive and she has no plans to take a break from online platforms.

Matthews revealed that he would if he could, saying: "I do not like social media, I use it as it's essential nowadays to remain current. It's seems that even if you are a kind of Hollywood A-list actor, unless you're active on social media all of a sudden you disappear.

"So I do have number of people in my ears kind of constantly making sure that I'm on social media and in order to keep them at bay, I just do the occasional story. If I could not have social media, I would not have social media."

The pair have filmed a new reality series, Spencer And Vogue: Adultish, which shows them grappling with new parenthood as they welcome their son Theodore to the Matthews household.

Williams said that her experiences of motherhood on social media have not been all bad, although there is some pressure on maternal perfection.

She said: "I think you do definitely get the mummy police. But also I have to say that I have also found myself online, and there's just a really nice, positive group of mums.

"I found that social media has actually become nicer since I've become a parent, which I'm actually surprised by."

The pair can be seen dealing with parenthood in the Spencer And Vogue: Adultish, which airs on January 7 on E4.

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