Sunday 15 September 2019

'I do have cellulite and I'm proud of it' - Vogue Williams hits back at 'ridiculous' body shamers over bikini pictures

Vogue Williams hits the beach in a black bikini in Ayia Napa. Picture: Splash News
Vogue Williams hits the beach in a black bikini in Ayia Napa. Picture: Splash News
Vogue Williams in Virginia Macari swimwear
Able to pull off the candyfloss tresses: Vogue
Vogue Williams arriving for the Lady Garden Campaign launch at TopShop Oxford Circus
Vogue Williams in Virginia Macari swimwear
Vogue Williams
Vogue Williams in Virginia Macari swimwear
Vogue Williams in Virginia Macari swimwear
Vogue Williams in Virginia Macari swimwear
Vogue Williams at the RTE new season launch at Grand Canal Dock. Picture: Cathal Burke / VIPIRELAND.COM Newsdesk Newsdesk

Vogue Williams hit back at body shamers who made "ridiculous" comments about her weight.

The former Fade Street star (31) was pictured in a black bikini on the beach in Ayia Napa on Wednesday and the pictures landed in most newspapers and websites.

Speaking to Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio One today, the model said that she was told by trolls that she needed to "lose two stone" and they criticised her "cankles" and cellulite.

I just saw so many vile comments about my body and my weight... to the point that it went too far. People telling me I needed to lose two stone, that I was fat, that I have cellulite - which I do and I'm proud of, I'm a woman, we all have it - it just really bothered me. I couldn't believe it. I know you shouldn't read the comments but sometimes you can't help yourself.

"Certainly I'm not overweight. I'm the perfect weight for my height. I just think it sends out the wrong message to people."

"I want to promote a healthy lifestyle where I'm toned, I'm not too skinny, I'm the weight I want to be."

Vogue said that trolls called her "dumpy" and "fat" and slagged off her "cankles".

But the up-and-coming presenter took to Instagram yesterday and posted a photo of her laughing, aimed at those who commented on her weight.

I always knew filming a travel show was the dream job! Wearing @virginiamacari

A photo posted by voguewilliams (@voguewilliams) on

"This one is for everyone who made ridiculous comments about my weight yesterday. Regardless of if I'm a size 6 or 26 it's nobody's business and nobody has the right to body shame me or anyone else," she wrote.

"I'm 5'11 a size 8/10, 64kgs and 17% body fat, that's my healthy weight and I'm not changing it for anyone. It's no wonder so many people suffer with body image issues.

"Be careful with your words because next time you may get someone that is not as strong as me. Better still if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

Vogue is currently filming RTE's travel show Getaways, with co-host Joe Lindsay, and will be traversing around Europe over the coming weeks.

Williams is famously fit and takes her exercise regime seriously, working out six times a week as she sees looking good as "part of her job".

"Most weeks, I train five or six times. I'll always fit it in, even if it means getting up crazy early. I do lots of free weights and high-intensity workouts," she said earlier this year.

"I do a lot of classes that incorporate the same types of training. You will never see me on the bike or treadmill for long periods of time; I just use them for one-minute sprints between sets.

"I stay focused on training because I see it as part of my job, and I hate the way I feel if I don't train too. But of course I have days where I don't feel like training and if I really don't want to, I'll just take the day off and train harder the next day."

While the tv star has been busy promoting her new show, she has remained tight-lipped on ex-husband Brian McFadden's reported new romance with British athlete Danielle Parkinson - a dead ringer for both her and his ex-fiancée Delta Goodrem.

McFadden said in July that he and his former wife of three years no longer speak, while she told Irish Tatler that they are still in contact, but it "isn't fair on anyone" to discuss the relationship in the press anymore.

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