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Homeless people deserve more 'pity' from society - Colin Farrell


Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell believes homeless people deserve something more than mere “pity” from society.

The 39-year-old Irish actor attended the Homeless World Cup tournament in Amsterdam last weekend, a charity sporting event comprised of competitors who have lived on the streets within the past year.

 And in a video posted on the tournament's website, Colin explained why showing up was so important to him.

 "The best a homeless person on any given day can expect from society a lot of the time is pity and so the Homeless World Cup is not about pity, it's not about shame, it's not about your head being down, it's about your head being up and it's about no apologies and it's about competition,” the Phone Booth star noted. “It's about coming together at the end of the day, as much as competition can be about separation it's about coming together through competition."

 Britain’s Daily Record reports Colin spoke about his personal battle with drugs during his appearance at the Homeless World Cup. The star sought treatment at a rehabilitation centre in 2005 to deal with an addiction to painkillers and recreational narcotics.

 While speaking with the philanthropic organisation’s representative Danielle Batist in an interview, the star insisted all human beings deserve a right to have their basic needs looked after no matter the circumstance.

“Homelessness is very out of sight out of mind. There shouldn’t be anyone on this planet who doesn’t have a roof over their head,” Colin said. “This is an amazing thing, as are the programmes that are attached. It’s not just about the game, there’s an infrastructure in place to help the players. It must be hard to come back from this to your life in your home city, so the programmes in place to help them are an amazing thing.”

The Homeless World Cup runs from September 12 to September 19.

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