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Holly Carpenter gets reported to Facebook for 'nudity violation'...for posting picture of her feet



Model Holly Carpenter was reported for nudity on Facebook for posting an image of her toe.

The former Miss Ireland (23) has been writing relationship advice on her blog, Holly Carpenter Blog, and her latest piece 'What she’s really saying on Snapchat' appears to have ruffled someone's feathers.

The offending picture sees a picture of Holly in a bathtub, with only her feet visible in the bubbles.

"Bubble bath time" translated to "Now you're picturing me naked".

After posting the funny snap, the AR model received a notification from Facebook, telling her she had been reported for violating the social network's 'community standards'.

"Are you having a laugh!!? My toe!!!? The bubbles are.. I can't — feeling amused," she wrote.



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