Wednesday 18 September 2019

'He gives good presents' - Liv Tyler praises David Beckham as 'sweet' godfather to son Sailor

Liv Tyler poses with good friend David Beckham. Instagram
Liv Tyler poses with good friend David Beckham. Instagram

Actress Liv Tyler views David Beckham as the ideal godfather for her son because he chooses such perfect presents.

The 38-year-old star and her fiancé Dave Gardner have nine-month-old Sailor Gene together, with Dave selecting his close friend, soccer star David, to act as godfather. Liv has no qualms about the decision, as the British star has already proven himself.

"He is very sweet, he gives very good presents," she told UK talk show host Jonathan Ross. "And he’s a real gentleman; he’s a very elegant person, so very sweet… He loves being a father."

Liv and Dave prefer to keep their romance out of the spotlight, with Liv only announcing her pregnancy after it had been widely speculated.

They are engaged but haven't given a formal announcement about their wedding plans, with the actress apparently unconcerned about keeping it secret, as she confirmed the news during her appearance on the UK programme.

"He’s not my husband, he’s my fiancé. I call him my husband…" she said.

The actress gave another small insight into her personal life when she spoke of juggling being a mother with work.

Liv also has 10-year-old son Milo with her ex-husband Royston Langdon, and had to come up with a way to look after both boys when shooting her TV show The Leftovers.

"I’m working and I have the baby... I was filming The Leftovers... and about three months after I had him, I had to go right back to work and we originally last season shot in New York which was very convenient for me to be a good mother and be an actress and they relocated us to Austin, Texas, so he came with me," she explained.

Liv and Dave are thought to have got together in 2014 after being introduced by their mutual friend, supermodel Kate Moss.

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