Thursday 14 November 2019

He certainly has a type! Meet Harry Styles' latest model love interest

Kara Rose Marshall
Kara Rose Marshall

Harry Styles is supposedly getting “really close” to a beautiful model.

The 20-year-old One Direction star is notorious for being a ladies’ man, having most recently split from Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner.

And it seems he has a penchant for models, as he and former flame Kara Marshall are apparently dating once again.

“They see each other whenever they are in the UK and have been really close for a while now,” a source told British newspaper The Mirror.

“Harry really likes her, not just because she’s beautiful, but he also thinks she’s cool and down to earth. They’re both Northern, so have a similar sense of humour.”

According to the publication, the pair were spotted flirting heavily with each other while attending hairstylist Lou Teasdale’s book launch at the Ace Hotel in London recently.

Although they were purportedly careful about not being snapped cuddling or kissing, the couple are said to have shared lots of affection behind the scenes.

While waiting for a tarot card reading, it is claimed Harry and Kara shared love banter with each other as they stood in the queue.

Harry first met Kara, 22, last summer after being introduced by their mutual friend Lou. It is claimed he flew her to New York City for a visit around that time period.


But it is rumoured Kara may not be the heartthrob’s one and only.

After splitting with Kendall, rumours quickly surfaced Harry had been flirting with The Kills star Alison Mosshart.

However, it seems the curly-haired lothario could be having second thoughts about up-and-coming model Kendall.

"Harry keeps asking her to meet up," an insider told British magazine Heat recently.

"He's the world's worst breaker-upper. And Kendall's playing hard to get, so he's fighting even harder."

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