Monday 17 June 2019

Hamilton reveals royal pit-stop

Lewis Hamilton was one of Graham Norton's guests
Lewis Hamilton was one of Graham Norton's guests

Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton has revealed he was given dining etiquette advice by none other than the Queen.

Appearing as a guest on The Graham Norton Show, Hamilton said: "I got invited to a lunch and was sitting next to the Queen.

"I was excited and started to talk to her but she said, pointing to my left, 'No, you speak that way first and I'll speak this way and then I'll come back to you.'

"She is a sweet woman and we talked about how she spends her weekends, houses and music. She is really cool."

Actor Ewan McGregor, Rita Ora and comedian Jack Whitehall were also among Norton's star-studded line-up.

McGregor admitted he wasn't sure if another Trainspotting movie would happen.

"For the longest time I didn't want to do it. I thought a sequel would damage the memory of it," he said.

"But recently I have changed my mind - it would be extraordinary to go back and explore the characters.

"If it means working with Danny Boyle, I'd be up for it."

Newly-appointed X Factor judge Ora described her new role as "an amazing opportunity".

"I love finding new talent and if I can help find it, I'd love to."

The Graham Norton Show is on BBC One at 10.35pm.

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