Tuesday 20 February 2018

Halle Berry launching lingerie line

Halle Berry is launching her own underwear line
Halle Berry is launching her own underwear line

Halle Berry is launching a new underwear line - inspired by French luxury lingerie, but with an affordable price tag.

The 48-year-old actress - who married French actor Olivier Martinez in 2013 - is now a co-owner of lingerie brand Scandale Paris, which she told Good Morning America she discovered while shopping with her husband.

Halle explained: "Well, the truth is it came to be because I was tooling around Paris, because I'm now married to a Frenchman so I've spent lots of time now in France. And on one of our escapades walking around shopping, I came across this really beautiful, feminine, luxurious lingerie line called Scandale Paris.

"I thought, 'I love the concept of this. How could I revive this and bring it to America at a price point that every woman could enjoy?'."

Scandale Paris is now available in select Target stores in the US and online, retailing for between seven US dollars (£4.60) and 18 dollars (£11.85)

The Catwoman star and former Bond Girl said: "I have bras that have either been given to me or I bought myself that are, like 200, 300 dollars (£197). You know?

"But you can buy a Scandale Paris bra for sixteen bucks and it's going to last you just as long and be just as beautiful, I guarantee you."

Mother-of-two Halle said her lingerie line is for all women.

"Every woman that cares about - feeling good from the inside out. And I think that's most women. We care about what we have on under our clothes. We care about what we look like when we take our clothes off. And so therefore I think it's every woman. Young, college students - entrepreneur, the mom, the working woman... It's for all women."

The actress insisted she did not make the underwear with men in mind, but if they like it, it's an added bonus.

"Women buy lingerie for themselves," she said.

"I want the Scandale woman to feel confident. To feel beautiful. To feel sexy. To feel prepared for any situation. You know, I want her to feel comfortable in what she's wearing. And - you know, and then if her man gets to reap the benefit of that at the end of the day, then good for him."

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