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Graham Norton: 'I saw Paul Galvin and thought - what an attractive tramp, how did he get in?'

Talk show host Graham Norton was baffled by GAA star and fashion blogger Paul Galvin.

The unlikely pair met on Friday night when they were both guests on The Late Late Show.

The funnyman who is originally from Cork but lives in England was confused at the concept of a fashionable footballer.

“Ryan had me on the Late Late Show last night,” he told listeners on his BBC radio show yesterday.

“Dermot O’Leary, Suggs (Maddness frontman) and then he had a Kerry footballer who also does a fashion blog.

“It seems unlikely, I know. It’s more unlikely when you see him.

“I saw him walk out of the toilet and I thought, “What an attractive tramp. How did he get in?” he joked.

The comedian was among scores of others who commented on Galvin's appearance after his stint on the RTE talk show.

Users took to social media to remark on his on his now famous beard.

"Paul Galvin and Roy Keane need to have a beard off competition,” one user quipped while another compared him to Grigori Rasputin.

The former All Star took to his blog to respond to comments about his facial hair last March.

"I would like to utterly and unequivocally distance myself from any claims made regarding my beard being overgrown," he wrote.

"Full beards or “statement beards” as they are known in the high streets and piazzas of Lixnaw, Abbeydorney, Kilflynn, Ballyduff, Causeway and Ballyheigue are all the rage from North Kerry to New York City right now.

"Attempts to compare me in appearance to Our Lord will be treated as blasphemy. Those making such comparisons, thus taking Our Lords name in vain will pay their dues on the Day Of Reckoning.

"My personal grooming is a personal matter, one which I take very seriously.

"I will deal with any grooming issues I may or may not have privately heretofore and I would ask the media and my Twitter followers to respect my right to do so," he added.

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