Sunday 15 September 2019

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan: Some will love me, some will hate me

Piers Morgan admitted he has always been a polarising character
Piers Morgan admitted he has always been a polarising character

Piers Morgan hopes to be a "polarising" figure when he joins Good Morning Britain as a permanent co-host next week.

The former newspaper editor and chat show presenter will be joining Susanna Reid for three days a week on ITV's breakfast show, starting on Monday November 23.

Morgan said: "I hope I'm very polarising. I hope some people love me and some people hate me. I think that's always the most watchable TV.

"When I think about shows and people I like watching most, they're all polarising characters. Generally in life, I just prefer polarising people. I think the sheer agonising strain of being a Mother Theresa if you're a public figure must be enormous. I don't have that problem."

He told the Press Association: "I just think - who cares? If your family and your friends like you, that's important. But complete strangers in Nottingham or Birmingham or Glasgow - why should I care if they particularly like or dislike me? The only thing that matters is: does the show work, and do they like watching it?

"They don't have to love me. I suspect some of them will, but others will want to throw things at the TV."

Morgan, 50, has previously been a judge on Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent, as well as competing in Celebrity Apprentice in the US. Between 2011 and 2014 he hosted late night chat show Piers Morgan Live on CNN.

He said: " I do TV, and TV is a fairly vacuous profession isn't it really? Let's be honest. You're producing light entertainment for the masses. I don't take it too seriously and I don't take it not seriously enough.

"But my brother's a British army colonel, he's served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that to me is a far more serious job than this is. So I just want to bring a bit of light and fun and information and hopefully a little bit of intelligent thought to morning television... But let's not take it too seriously."

On his return to the UK, he said: "I so missed so many British things. Like country pubs, or cricket. Playing it and watching it. Or going to Arsenal rather than watching it on TV in LA. Actually going to a game and feeling the throbbing mass of a football match in Britain. Fish and chips - all the cliched things. Branston pickle with cheddar cheese...

"I feel like in myself I'm very glad to be back, because I've been in America on and off for much of the last ten years, and it just feels like the right time."

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