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Gone Girl's Emily Ratajkowski defended by fashion designer over low-cut dress


Gone Girl actress Emily Ratajkowski was defended by fashion designer Julien Macdonald

Gone Girl actress Emily Ratajkowski was defended by fashion designer Julien Macdonald

Gone Girl actress Emily Ratajkowski was defended by fashion designer Julien Macdonald

Fashion designer Julien Macdonald has defended model and actress Emily Ratajkowski after she was criticised for wearing one of his dresses at a recent New York Fashion Week party.

Gone Girl star Ratajkowski's outfit - a very low-cut black dress - was described as "vulgar and repugnant" by American TV star Tim Gunn during a broadcast of celebrity style programme Fashion Police.

Macdonald dismissed the condemnation of the revealing garment and said that, regardless of the criticism, "people idolise" the actress and aspire to be like her.

The Welsh designer, 45, told Press Association: "She's going to be a very happy girl. When you wear a glamorous dress you don't do it because you want to sit in the corner."

He explained that she chose the item because she wanted "attention" and thus achieved her goal.

He added that "fashion is for setting new boundaries" and that "when people question you, you become interesting".

Ratajkowski, 25, took the disapproval into her own hands and responded to Gunn's comments, calling out "Western men in 2016" for wanting women to "cover up their vulgar bodies at home".

She wrote on Twitter: "I wasn't even thinking of the hosts of nationally televised shows who call women vulgar because they can see their stomachs."

She added: "It's 2016. Why keep trying to dictate what women can wear?"

Macdonald also discussed his "glamorous" new collection ahead of his London Fashion Week show, and admitted that he has not yet seen any of the items that will be unveiled on the catwalk.

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He said: "It's two days before the show and I've got nothing (yet). There are three dresses and scraps all over the world being made."

The former Givenchy chief designer and British Fashion Designer of the Year winner added there is a "crazy" pressure ahead of showing a new collection, with developments happening at the very last minute.

He said: "It's kind of crazy, people come to my office and there are hundreds of people busy working and sewing and making dresses, but there's just an empty rail with half a dress and half of a sleeve."

For his Spring/Summer 2017 collection, he said that the designs will not be innovative as such, and that he merely attempts to make women and men feel glamorous and enjoy fashion.

To coincide with London Fashion Week, which kicks off on Friday, Macdonald has designed a window display for London's May Fair Hotel, the official sponsor of the event.

Macdonald described the installation as very extravagant, explaining that the "ombre, metallic animal print" design offers an insight into his new collection, inspired by a recent trip to Africa.

He said: "Most people see animal designs in neutral colours, but mine are metallic, in golds and silvers.

"You'll see these interpretations on my runway, and my dresses - touch wood - will hopefully be worn by famous, gorgeous women!"

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