Monday 23 September 2019

George Hook 'pretty shaken' after collision on way home from work

George Hook
George Hook
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

Broadcaster George Hook was left shaken after he was involved in a minor car incident on Tuesday evening.

The Newstalk presenter said he is "pretty shocked" after the taxi in which he was travelling rear-ended another car.

Hook was on his way home from work when the collision occurred.

The incident took place on the N11, just minutes from the broadcaster's home.

"I was getting a taxi home from the office and we were only five minutes from the house, just by Foxrock church," he told 

"The usual thing happened - the two cars in front had a problem and braked suddenly.

"The poor taxi driver had no chance, he ploughed into the back of your man."

Hook confirmed nobody was injured in the collision but said he is going to bed "a bit sore".

"Firstly, everyone was okay," he said.

"And, secondly, surprisingly for the bashing the cars got, there was not much damage done which is great news.

"I still got a shock. I'm obviously a bit shook and going to bed a bit sore, but I'm okay, I'm fine."

And 'The Right Hook' frontman put the evening's events to one side to keep his weekly date commitment to his wife, famously known as "the lovely Ingrid".

"We have a great tradition in the Hook family where I bring Ingrid out to dinner on Tuesday nights.

"And, although I was feeling a bit under the weather, I made the commitment and we made it out to dinner," Hook added.

The broadcaster received a massive response to his tweet online, with scores of listeners wishing him well.

"George, shock might kick in later. Cup tea with loads sugar. And mind yourself," one listener wrote.

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