Monday 23 October 2017

Gad: We rejected Dirty Dancing lift

Josh Gad found it tricky to master some of the dance moves in The Wedding Ringer
Josh Gad found it tricky to master some of the dance moves in The Wedding Ringer

Josh Gad has revealed he said no to doing the Dirty Dancing lift in The Wedding Ringer - because his insurance won't cover any injuries.

The Frozen actor stars in the comedy alongside comedian Kevin Hart, and one scene sees the pair getting themselves in step to perform a variety of dances, from the waltz and tango to the Dougie, of Teach Me How To Dougie fame.

"They tried to give us 10 dances, but we said we weren't going to do a sequence from the movie Dirty Dancing. We don't have enough insurance for the lift," he explained.

The duo spent days in rehearsals to master the moves.

"We rehearsed for three days. Kevin and I had to do about five or six rehearsals prior to shooting the scene, and it was a little touch-and-go for me, specifically with regard to all the hip-hop dances, which I am not good at," Josh admitted.

"Some of the dances came naturally to me. Some, like the Dougie, did not. The Dougie took me a lot more time than the Greased Lightning dance, which is more my cup of tea, being a Broadway veteran."

The 33-year-old actor continued: "But it was so much fun, and the day we shot it was the second day of shooting and I think it allowed Kevin and I to bond in a great way that set the tone for the rest of the film."

While The Wedding Ringer marks their first film together, Josh joked this could be "the last time" they share the screen, saying there could be a sequel "if two other guys make it".

Kevin added: "It all depends what happens at the box office. I think we have a movie we could pull off at an international level, and I see it performing very well, so let's keep our fingers crossed."

:: The Wedding Ringer opens in cinemas on February 20, with previews from February 14.

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