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Former Miss Ireland Rebecca Maguire reveals breast augmentation surgery

Belfast beauty Rebecca Maguire is a young, stunning former Miss Ireland with the brains to match her looks. So what has driven her to go under the knife to have her breasts enhanced? She reveals all to Una Brankin

Rebecca Maguire
Rebecca Maguire, Miss Candy and Rosanna Davison

Una Brankin

Within minutes of meeting the truly gorgeous Rebecca Maguire, it’s clear to see why her mother was so forlorn when she — her only daughter — moved out of the family home.

The former Miss Ireland is full of natural charm, has brains to burn and impeccable manners, and seems every bit as beautiful on the inside as she is outwardly.

The good news for mum Charlotte (41), a bank clerk, and Rebecca’s dad Declan, a tiler, is that their 23-year-old is now back at home in Andersonstown, Belfast, having decided against a move to Dublin, the home town of her photographer boyfriend (whom she prefers not to name).

"Mum and I are really close — we’re more like sisters — and she was devastated when I had to go off  travelling with Miss World. I don’t know what she’d do if I moved out again!" she laughs.

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"She was with me every step of the way with my breast augmentation six weeks ago and she was so impressed she’s thinking of having one herself. She was as flat-chested as I was when she was younger but she filled out a bit after having me and my brother Mitchell (12). Now she and my auntie want exactly the same boobs as me!"

Warm and vivacious, the pharmacology student has dashed over from her part-time job in a city centre shoe shop on her lunch break to join me in Starbucks for a chat about her recent breast enhancement with River Medical, a cosmetic surgery and non-surgical beauty clinic opposite Belfast’s City Hospital.

Blessed with high, wide cheekbones, perfect skin and a slender 5ft 11ins frame, she turns heads as she emerges at the top of the stairs, without the aid make-up or glitzy clothes. In fact, she’s well covered up and rather self-conscious about her implants, which have taken her from a 30A cup to a small 30C.

She moves her scarf to the side, briefly, to reveal a very natural looking bust-line under a modest top.

"This is something I had always thought about — it’s not for my career at all," she says, in an unmistakeable west Belfast accent. "I was a real tomboy and geeky at my school, St Dominic’s Grammar School; a bit of a swot. I was very flat-chested in school and I didn’t wear a bra until I was in my late teens — and even then there was nothing to fill it with!

Rebecca Maguire
Rebecca Maguire

"I was teased by friends getting changed for PE — they called me ‘No Boobs’ and stuff like that. It was a joke with a jag and by the time I was in my 20s, I knew there was a no hope in that area for me!

"My friends were all getting their hair and make-up done and they had boobs. We’d go on holiday and I’d be sitting like this," she adds with a giggle, crossing her arms over her chest.

"I still have a bit of extra volume on the top half from the post-surgical swelling but they’ve dropped a bit.

It’s not that I want to show them off — I don’t wear low-cut things. It was just for me."

Although she insists career reasons didn’t figure in her decision to have surgery, Rebecca wouldn’t say no if Playboy came knocking, especially after former Miss World Rosanna Davison — schoolgirl Rebecca’s idol — posed naked in the German edition of the famous magazine in October 2013. The shoot prompted speculation that Rosanna had undergone breast augmentation, but the model denied surgery, saying her breasts were an "optical illusion".

Rebecca Maguire, Miss Candy and Rosanna Davison
Rebecca Maguire, Miss Candy and Rosanna Davison

"Well, I’ve had no offers yet but Playboy would be great if it came my way. Why not? I wouldn’t be shy about it and my family would be right behind me. I do lingerie and swimwear modelling, whatever jobs come in. This will open doors for me but I still want to practice pharmacy. That’s another side of me."

Excelling at science at school, and obviously a people person, Rebecca chose pharmacy over medicine after doing some work experience.

"I loved it — pharmacists interact with the public on the high street and I think it’s a great idea to bring us in to GP surgeries. I graduate on the fourth of July; the studying is going really well."

Being studious and conscientious, the CMPR model did her homework on breast augmentation and its providers, here and in the Republic. She went for a consultation at

River Medical, which has clinics on both sides of the border, after receiving several recommendations.

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Still, given the recent controversy over implants containing industrial-grade silicone made by French company Poly Implant Prothese and given to an estimated 47,000 British women — never mind Katie Price’s well publicised breast implant infection in the Big Brother House — I wondered was she nervous opting for surgery.

"Nervous but excited," she admits. "I did a lot of research and I was completely reassured River Medical were totally professional. I was determined that they had to be natural and that’s exactly what River Medical wanted too. They turn away girls who want excessively large implants — that goes against the grain of what they’re all about.

"There was absolutely no pressure, no big sales talk. They told me the risks with any surgery and said ‘It’s totally your decision’. I felt really well taken care there and I found the after-care brilliant.

"I’m delighted with them." And she jokes: "No more chicken fillets, they’re HORRIBLE!" she says, referring to the bra inserts that some women use to give them a larger cleavage.

As Fiona Dunning of River Medical confirmed, Rebecca’s implants are size C and made from the American FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) approved Natrelle silicone implants from Allergan.

"They are the safest implants available," said Fiona. "From start to finish it can take up to 12 days to manufacture a Natrelle implant, during which time it will undergo almost 100 quality control tests.

Rebecca Maguire
Rebecca Maguire

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"An increase in size isn’t the only reason for choosing to undergo breast surgery, by the way. The majority of breast surgery procedures carried out in Ireland are augmentation procedures, but an increasing number of women are choosing to undergo breast reduction, breast uplift and breast asymmetry procedures. Less than 10pc of women have identical breasts and those that are, are usually A/AA size. In these cases breast surgery can be life changing."

Asymmetry was not Rebecca’s problem. In fact, her perfectly symmetrical face makes her an ideal canvas for different looks, a beautiful chameleon for make-up artists to transform as required on fashion and beauty shoots. She can go from a pretty girl-next-door, as her sweet nature suggests, to a pouting sultry vamp, all with a few strokes of eyeliner, a slash of lipstick and slicked-back hair. But no cleverly engineered Wonderbra was going to make much of a difference in the cleavage department.

"I’ve gone from a size eight to a six through training at the gym," she announces, beaming (she looks healthy despite being such a tiny size for a tall girl). "I train a lot which didn’t help my boobs especially when you work to reduce your body fat. Essentially I always wanted to just have a more womanly figure and feel more comfortable as a young woman.

"I know it’s still a sort of taboo thing, especially when you’re a woman in the public eye. There’s so much stigma attached to women who get work done — but not for men. It’s not fair.

"And when you’re in the public eye, it can be even more negative. I just wanted to boost my confidence a little and everyone was delighted for me — even my Granny Maguire. She was really on for it, and once Granny Maguire gives her stamp of approval, that’s it!"

Rebecca Maguire
Rebecca Maguire

I wondered at someone so intelligent, attractive and charming lacking confidence.

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"Well, when you see models like Victoria’s Secret Angels, they’re really toned and slender but they have a shape. I didn’t," Rebecca counters.

Rebecca attended River Medical clinic on the Lisburn Road in Belfast and had her surgery carried out by their resident surgeon, Dr Labros Chatzis, at Kingsbridge Hospital, just down the road.

"You just know that he knows what he is doing — he’s a real expert, and let’s face it, the results speak for themselves! The hospital was like a five-star hotel — I didn’t want to leave!

"That morning I looked down and thought, ‘This is really the last time I’ll see me like this!’ But I knew I was in good hands."

The surgery took 40 minutes and Rebecca was back in her room within an hour.

"I came round and didn’t know where I was; I thought I was in a bar. The nurse asked would I like a drink and I said ‘A gin and tonic please’. Mum still laughs about that! I was full of beans. I do pharmacy so I know some people can have a bad reaction to anaesthesia.

"I was a bit restricted in my movements but I wasn’t in a lot of pain," she adds emphatically, swinging her toned torso round to demonstrate. "Suddenly you have these two mounds of flesh that weren’t there before

and you have to get used to them! You’re given painkillers for a week but once I was two days in, I was doing really well.

"Mine were so small, I didn’t have to have drains in — I’ve heard that can be uncomfortable. I just had large plasters beneath mine and I wear a sports bra, which is really comfy."

She’ll see the final results in a couple of months, just in time for the Miss Belfast competition she has been asked to run by her Belfast agency, CMPR, in the China White venue on April 30. The winner will go on to the Miss Ireland competition in Dublin, organised by her Dublin agent, Andrea Roche.

"I’m looking forward to having a better shape in nice dresses and so on," she chirps before going on her merry way. "I’m so overwhelmed with the result — it really is exactly what I wanted. I went for one of the smallest implants and I couldn’t be happier with the result, they look amazing!"

To arrange a private and confidential, free consultation, contact River Medical, tel: 028 9560 7585 or visit rivermedical.co.uk

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