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Farage grilled on Towie and fish


Ukip party leader Nigel Farage met The Only Way is Essex star Joey Essex in Grimsby

Ukip party leader Nigel Farage met The Only Way is Essex star Joey Essex in Grimsby

Ukip party leader Nigel Farage met The Only Way is Essex star Joey Essex in Grimsby

Reality star Joey Essex was probably not surprised to find out that Ukip leader Nigel Farage is no fan of EU fishing policies and is not a regular watcher of the The Only Way Is Essex when the pair met today.

Mr Farage was visiting Grimsby where his party thinks it has a chance of unseating Labour on May 7.

As he arrived in the sunshine on the port's famous dockside he warmly greeted Essex, who is on the latest leg of a journey to find out more about politics and to "show the youth that it's a good thing to vote".

Mr Farage was faced with a barrage of questions about his knowledge of Towie and had to confess he did not know what a vajazzle was, had never had a fake tan and said: "I'm not a regular watcher, I have to confess."

Pressed further, Mr Farage said he did not watch TV at all but was very much looking forward to meeting the young reality star.

As the two shook hands, surrounded by cameras, Essex said he liked the Ukip leader's coat.

"It's what I wear," Mr Farage said before the pair discussed the low proportion of young people who vote in elections.

Essex said: "Why are we in Grimsby?"

The Ukip leader said: "Because its symbolic of what's gone wrong.

He said: "There were thousands of men working here, a massive trawler fleet, big fish filleting factories. It was the biggest fishing port in the country.

"We joined the European Union and we now have to share all our fish with all the other European countries."

Mr Farage said: "We' re saying 'let's take our country back, lets take our territorial waters back, lets get our fishing industry back'."

Essex said: " I know this is really random but I used to work down Billingsgate fish market. My family worked on Billingsgate fish market. Is that the same as Grimsby?"

Mr Farage explained how the fish market in Grimsby had shrunk in recent decades and compared Britain's fishing industry with Norway's.

When the Ukip leader said that most cod in British fish-and-chip shops comes from Iceland, Essex said: " We're not allowed to catch cod?"

"It is madness," Mr Farage said.

The pair both donned buoyancy aids and climbed aboard a pilot boat for the short trip across the harbour to Grimsby fish market. The Ukip leader said he did not do hard hats and professed his lack of love for health and safety laws.

Essex said the trip was "sick".

After a quick visit to the fish market with Essex, Mr Farage moved on to a meeting at Grimsby town hall where he avoided a noisy demonstration by slipping in the back door.

The Ukip leader was then due to sample a special beer made in his honour at the nearby Hope & Anchor.

But, after an hour of photographers and TV cameras waiting around the pub's Fraageale pump, the party announced he was running behind schedule and had to cancel his visit.

Mr Farage then left Grimsby for south Lincolnshire.

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