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Ex-EastEnder Joyner in ghostly tale


Jo Joyner is taking on the role of a ghostly vicar

Jo Joyner is taking on the role of a ghostly vicar

Jo Joyner is taking on the role of a ghostly vicar

Former EastEnder Jo Joyner will play a ghostly vicar in a new sitcom starring John Hannah.

Coupling star Sarah Alexander plays the title character in Marley's Ghost - about a woman who can communicate with the dead including her husband, played by Hannah, and her lover played by Benidorm's Nicholas Burns.

Joyner, who played Tanya Branning in EastEnders, play the final character in the ghostly trio .

The three part series, which is written by Daniel Peacock and will be shown on Gold, is being filmed in London at the moment.

Commissioning editor S imon Lupton said: "I t's a common fear that events from your past will one day come back to haunt you - and in Marley's case that is exactly what is happening.

"Fortunately for us, it's hilarious. For these four characters there literally is no escape from one another, but rather than just revel in that awkwardness, which would be funny in itself, Danny also puts them in fantastic situations and sends them on joyous adventures which force this dysfunctional bunch to get along.

"We really believe over the course of the three episodes the Gold audience will fall in love with these characters, and in Sarah Alexander, Jo Joyner, Nicholas Burns and John Hannah we really couldn't imagine any one better to bring them to life...even in death."

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