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Evans goes back to the 90s with TFI


Chris Evans will host a live TFI special with guests including old sidekicks Danny Baker and Will Macdonald

Chris Evans will host a live TFI special with guests including old sidekicks Danny Baker and Will Macdonald

Chris Evans will host a live TFI special with guests including old sidekicks Danny Baker and Will Macdonald

Chris Evans turned the clock back to the height of Britpop tonight with a nostalgic edition of his cult TV show TFI Friday.

The DJ and presenter told the audience the new show was in effect the last episode that was never shown, after he "went mad" and walked out on the madcap pop culture Friday night fixture.

The show recalled its heyday almost 20 years ago with a line-up of with guests including Shaun Ryder, who famously swore on teatime television while performing and prevented the programme from being broadcast live again.

The Happy Mondays and Black Grape singer today put the incident down to "nerves, and being off my t***".

There were also music performances by Britpop survivors Blur, a duet between Oasis' Liam Gallagher and The Who's Roger Daltrey, plus Rudimental and Years & Years.

They were j oined by guests including Hollywood stars Amanda Seyfried and Ewan McGregor, singers Rita Ora and Ricky Wilson, Olympian Tom Daley and presenter Kirstie Allsopp and DJ Nick Grimshaw.

Radio 1's Grimshaw was anointed by Evans as a potential new presenter for the show if it was to return for a full series.

Evans said: "I think if this show comes back, he's the guy."

The programme is a live special with guests including Evans's old sidekick Will Macdonald.

The show was a 90s favourite, though it regularly courted controversy with segments including Ugly Bloke and Freak or Unique?

Evans has since returned to radio and his breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 is the most popular in the country, pulling in almost 10 million listeners.

He sparked an online frenzy last weekend when he revealed he was making a "secret Top Gear film", but sources close to the show said he and Clarkson were filming the one-off episode of TFI.

In the end Clarkson's appearance lasted seconds as a passenger in a car with Evans. Instead it was Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton who was on hand - along with Evans's 89-year-old mobility scooter-riding mother Minnie - for a Top Gear-related segment with rally driver Jason Plato and The Stink, a pastiche of Top Gear's Stig.

It included an attempt to break the Top Gear lap record in Evans's LaFarrari sports car, and made the show run over by approximately 15 minutes.

Evans cheekily signed off by saying: "We did it before, so we could do it again I suppose."

Allsopp tweeted from inside the studio - which was not the one used to film the original series: "I am melting, actually melting, it is so hot that everyone even @StephenMerchant is melting."

Others took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the show's comeback after 15 years off the screen.

Athlete Luke Gunn wrote: "I wake up to @achrisevans every morning, but #TFIFriday tonight is reminding me just how cool the show (and the 90s) were!! Love it."

Amanda Start added: "Joyous #TFIFriday tonight. Don't make it a goodbye. Say Hello, Is It Me Your Looking For @achrisevans."

Steve Kennaugh said: "Be honest, it was good to see it again wasn't it! There's still nothing like it!".

Iain Mc added: "Thoroughly enjoyed it. It was just as brilliant/terrible as I remember it. Not sure it would hold up now tho."

Sharron Sumner tweeted: "Cracking show!! Took me way back, well, what I can remember?!!."

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