Saturday 7 December 2019

Eddie Izzard issues Remain plea to younger voters

Eddie Izzard has called on younger voters to back the Remain campaign
Eddie Izzard has called on younger voters to back the Remain campaign

Comedian Eddie Izzard urged young people to "send out a positive message to the world" by voting to stay in the EU as he sought to bolster support for the Remain camp among university students.

While older people were more likely to be Eurosceptic, young people embraced the positive aspects of being part of the 28-member bloc, the cross-dressing comic said.

He told the Press Association: "Younger people - 75% to 80% are positive about Europe. They look out there and see the opportunities, the low cost flights, the free roaming charges - it's a brilliant thing.

"They want to come out and have the opportunities. They are writing to their parents and grandparents saying, 'Can you not see what we are seeing out there?'

"Young people can make a complete sea-change and send out a positive message to the world that we are proud of being British, but also reaching out saying: 'Can we learn from you?'"

Speaking at the University of Sussex, Izzard said he believed young people were more enthused about the EU referendum than the general election - which focused more on "mortgages and families".

He described the endorsement by David Beckham to stay in the EU as "excellent".

And he revealed his biggest fear of a Brexit victory would be the "negative signal" it would send, as well as concerns that a recession may be triggered by a vote to leave .

Izzard also criticised the negativity of the Leave campaign as he urged young people not to leave it to older generations to decide their futures, insisting that every vote would be needed.

He said: "They say that the entire population of Turkey is going to move into your house, marry your brother or sister, drive off in your car - they can just say any figures they want.

"And that's not what this should be about. This should be about a real campaign where people are talking about real figures."

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