Sunday 25 March 2018

'Dynasty' star Beacham plots revival of show

Former star of ‘Dynasty’ Stephanie Beacham, who appears in this week’s edition of ‘Hello!’
Former star of ‘Dynasty’ Stephanie Beacham, who appears in this week’s edition of ‘Hello!’

Robert Dex in Los Angeles

'Dynasty' star Stephanie Beacham has revealed she is tying the knot again 36 years after the end of her first marriage.

The 68-year-old actress, who played Sable Colby in the glamorous US soap, said she was also plotting with her former co-star Joan Collins to revive the show.

She told 'Hello!' magazine she initially ruled out another marriage after her divorce from actor John McEnery 36 years ago.

She said: "I decided never to let a man take centre stage in my life again.

"Although I went on to date younger men, they couldn't relate to huge swathes of my life experience."

Beacham, a grandmother with two grown-up daughters, said she changed her mind after meeting her fiance, Bernie Greenwood. She said: "It was extraordinary, as if two people meant to be together were finally meeting.

"It felt quite teenage, because we'd awoken the young person in one another."

He proposed last year during a holiday in Asia and the couple will marry next year with Collins, Faye Dunaway and Jerry Hall already on the guestlist.

The actress said she would love to see 'Dynasty', a ratings hit in the 1980s, return and had discussed it with Collins, who played the bitchy Alexis Carrington.

She said: "Over dinner we talked about how fabulous it would be to bring it back.

"We two could reprise our roles, wreaking havoc and manipulating everyone. It would be a blast."

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