Saturday 15 December 2018

Dublin schoolgirls call in social influencer Sarah Godfrey for life advice

Model past pupil gets 'huge reaction' on school visit, but sources deny Love Island is next stop, writes Niamh Horan

Sarah Godfrey. Picture: Instagram
Sarah Godfrey. Picture: Instagram
ROLE MODEL: Sarah Godfrey gave schoolchildren advice. Picture: VIPIRELAND.COM
PIC: Sarah Godfrey/Instagram
Niamh Horan

Niamh Horan

Back in the day, school pupils would listen eagerly as doctors, lawyers and other professionals came in to their classroom for the day to impart inspirational life and career advice.

But times are a-changing and the people to whom teenagers look up are no longer necessarily found in legal gowns or lab coats.

Step forward Muckross Park College in Donnybrook, Dublin 4, who - in a sign of the times - invited model and social media influencer Sarah Godfrey to talk to their 15- and 16-year-old Transition Year students.

Often pictured posing in lingerie draped across her bed, drinking champagne in sexy underwear or riding on the back of an inflatable unicorn, Sarah, a fitness guru, has amassed 140,000 followers who enthuse daily about her "unreal body" and gush that she is inspiring their "booty (pert bottom) goals".

ROLE MODEL: Sarah Godfrey gave schoolchildren advice. Picture: VIPIRELAND.COM
ROLE MODEL: Sarah Godfrey gave schoolchildren advice. Picture: VIPIRELAND.COM

A past pupil of the school, she has posed in a pair of miniature red hotpants and boots beside her Christmas tree, while in summer, she is more likely to be found in miniature bikinis and skintight sports gear.

Speaking to the Sunday Independent this weekend, a spokesperson for Muckross College said the arrival of Ms Godfrey came at the request of pupils and was met with an enthusiasm unlike anything the school had ever seen before.

"On the day she arrived, I was sitting in my office with the door open and all I could hear was the girls screaming down the hall, I didn't know what was going on. There was a huge reaction to her," the spokesperson said.

Speaking about the reasoning behind the invitation, the spokesperson explained: "She was brought in as part of the Transition Year programme. We would regularly have speakers in from all walks of life, anyone who is current and has a positive message, and she was someone requested by the pupils themselves because she has such a high profile."

Asked about the advice she imparted to students, the spokesperson said: "She talked about confidence, promoting yourself online and how you can use that positively.

"There was great buzz and excitement here," she added. "The staff were thrilled that the girls got so much out of it. It's great to see that she has turned out to be so successful and so lovely. And to see her in the flesh, faults and all, not that she didn't look fantastic."

PIC: Sarah Godfrey/Instagram
PIC: Sarah Godfrey/Instagram

Afterwards, Sarah took a 'group selfie' with the students, which Muckross posted on its own Twitter page with the words: "Huge thanks to Sarah Godfrey for her inspirational words to TY (Transition Year) students."

The model's address to young pupils came as was being tipped to be the next star of reality show Love Island.

This weekend, it was reported that the Irish model will appear in a dramatic twist. Her entrance would follow her ex-boyfriend, fitness influencer Rob Lipsett, and his stint on the ITV show last year.

The show is known for its superficiality due to its round-the-clock display of biceps and bikinis and, with five million viewers at its height, its winning formula is credited to constant video surveillance on the villa, enforced 'recoupling' among the group and the participants' neverending worry over each other's loyalties while getting and keeping the attention of their love interest.

Love Island participants are often shown on camera having sex beneath the bed sheets and in secret hideaways, while watched by millions of viewers.

The first sex of Love Island 2018 happened last week when contestants Eyal Booker and Megan Barton Hanson got up-close-and-personal in the hideaway.

However, this weekend a source close to the 3e show told the Sunday Independent that there is no truth to the story that Sarah will appear on the show: "According to ITV, she won't be appearing so I would be very surprised if she turned up. However, they said the door is open for an Irish person to go into the villa, given the huge following here, so I would be shocked if we didn't see an Irish contestant on before the end of the series."

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