Friday 13 December 2019

Drinkers raise a glass to Lemmy on day of Motorhead frontman's funeral

Lemmy will be the toast of many pubgoers on the day of his funeral
Lemmy will be the toast of many pubgoers on the day of his funeral

Motorhead fans across Britain are flocking to pubs to raise a glass to Lemmy and watch the legendary frontman's funeral tonight.

Eulogies from friends and family of the late rock star will be given at a special memorial night being put on at The Wig And Gown pub in Holloway, north London.

The boozer said it had been overwhelmed by the number of fans wanting to pay their respects at the event tonight, where Lemmy's funeral will be livestreamed from America.

Akin Arrowsmith, 31, a barman from north London, was among those who got to the bar early for tonight's event.

He said: "I have been listening to Motorhead since I was about seven or eight.

"I was gutted when I heard Lemmy had died. My mum phoned me up and asked me if I was OK. I was lying in bed and had tears in my eye.

"We are going to give him a proper Motorhead send off - loud, messy and full of random chaos."

Suzanne Baker-Downes, a friend of Lemmy's who has organised tonight's memorial at the pub, said she had been "completely inundated" by thousands of people who want to attend.

She said: "Lemmy was a very popular guy."

Several other pubs in Holloway are hosting events to cater for the sheer number of fans who want to pay tribute to the rocker.

Around 150 Lemmy fans, many wearing black Motorhead t-shirts and leather jackets, descended on the Holloway pub to pay their respects to the 70-year-old who died over Christmas.

Motorhead classics including The Ace Of Spades blared out over the speakers before friends of Lemmy regaled the crowd with anecdotes about the star.

Ms Baker-Downes said: "I first met Lemmy at the Hippodrome rock night in January 1989.

"Upon being introduced Lemmy asked me 'Do you want to do some speed and come back to mine to look at my spiral staircase?'

"Bearing in mind I was 21 and straight off the Canadian banana boat I was scared stiff.

"I said 'No! And by the way we do have stairs in Canada you know.'

"Lemmy laughed himself silly and asked for my phone number and the rest is history.

"Let's just say that eventually I did indeed go to see that staircase."

A roadie who introduced himself just as Dave and worked for the band for seven years said: "You will hear a lot of things about Lemmy - icon, legend. All that is true.

"He was the best boss I ever had or will have, and more importantly he was a friend."

The crowd cheered and raised "a glass or six" to the late rock star.

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