Tuesday 17 September 2019

Downing Street: Harvey Weinstein allegations ‘deeply concerning’

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman has commented saying people who have spoken out should be praised for their courage.

ORANGE BAFTAS Harvey Weinstein
ORANGE BAFTAS Harvey Weinstein

By Gavin Cordon, Press Association Whitehall Editor

Downing Street has expressed renewed concern over the allegations of sexual harassment by the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said women who came forward with complaints such as those made against the film maker should be praised for their courage.

Harvey Weinstein Sexual Harassment

The spokesman again emphasised that any decision to strip Weinstein of his honorary CBE was a matter for the independent Honours Forfeiture Committee.

“The reports over the recent days are deeply concerning. Any unwanted sexual activity is completely unacceptable and any allegations should be investigated,” the spokesman said.

“Anyone who comes forward to report these kind of allegations should be praised for their courage.

“The independent Honours Forfeiture Committee considers cases where the honours system has been brought into disrepute.

“Their discussions are confidential. It is right that we let them get on with their work.”

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