Monday 9 December 2019

DJ Ray Foley vows to lose 4 stone gained since moving stations 18 months ago

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Ray Foley has revealed he has gained 4 stone in weight since moving from Today FM to 98FM.

The 33-year old radio jock, who is also slated to host new TV3 quiz show The Algorithm in January, blames the station shift and being a dad of two for the sudden weight gain.

Speaking on Late Lunch Live on Tuesday, Foley said, "In fairness, the last 18 months, I have exploded and I haven't really given a crap about it.

"Up until that point I was very good about going to the gym every two days and watching my carbs for like six days a week.  Then the prioritising of that went out the window when I had kids."

The star, who is married to RTE presenter Kate Carolan and has two boys, Matthew and Andrew, said has had a change in lifestyle, eating more often due to the early starts, but that he also has been blaming being a parent.

"I have two young kids and I know plenty of people who get up early in the morning with kids and I'm using that as an excuse so it's entirely my own fault."

Ray Foley
Ray Foley

The Ray Foley Show in 98am kicks off at 6am and runs until 10am every weekday, which means Ray's eating habits have changed.

"With the early mornings I am eating one or two meals a day.  You will eat before the show and at the end of show and you are nowhere near lunchtime and then you eat again.

"My body clock wants me to go to bed at eight but that just doesn't happen and then you could eat again later in the evening."

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