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David Cassidy in awkward interview with Eamonn Holmes on This Morning


David Cassidy appeared combative in his interview with Eamonn Holmes

David Cassidy appeared combative in his interview with Eamonn Holmes

David Cassidy appeared combative in his interview with Eamonn Holmes

David Cassidy started an awkward argument with Eamonn Holmes when he was asked by the TV host about his bankruptcy.

The 70s singer was appearing via video link on This Morning from his Florida mansion when he became offended by Holmes and wife Ruth Langsford's questioning.

Cassidy began to accuse Holmes, saying "Are you trying to rubbish me?" when he was asked whether he could now pay off his debts

"When you declare bankruptcy in this country, it's something you do in order to reorganise what you have, your assets, so I'm not going to discuss that," he explained.

Langsford's comments that he had been through a lot were met with the response: "Yes, I have and I still have fantastic assets".

The uncomfortable chat continued when Langsford asked if he was glad to have the support of his fans after such a difficult journey. "Don't interrupt me," Cassidy snapped back - telling her to "wait" nine times in a row, when she voiced her agreement with him.

Cassidy's attitude may have been influenced by the technical difficulties he was experiencing. "What's difficult for me with this transaction that we're doing here is that I hear echoes and it's very difficult to concentrate," he said.

Langsford continued the conversation by asking if he would be touring the UK soon.

"Probably not," said Cassidy. "The problem is there is a 20% foreign entertainer's tax and with everything else that it costs to go there. No, I don't think so. I'd love to, but I ended up making 630 US dollars (£408) last time I went there, so it didn't make a lot of sense."

His fans, he maintained, have been "incredible" and "sensational".

"I guess I'll have to do it, just via the internet," he said.

Concluding the interview, Holmes asked if he was sad to sell the plush mansion seen in the background, which Cassidy is auctioning for 1.8 million US dollars (£1.2m).

"It had nothing to do with declaring bankruptcy, that was a totally separate issue. I'm doing it because I'm in the middle of a divorce," he replied.

Holmes compared Cassidy's situation to the good fortunes of his rival Donny Osmond when the video link ended and referred back to the singer's arrests for drink driving.

"David's going through more than [a divorce], he's been arrested three times for being drunk under the influence," he said to Langsford.

He then apologised to viewers, and said: "Folks, we only ask the questions, it's up to them to answer them."

Later, Holmes reached for a drink after the interview, downing an entire glass of red wine live on air while telling his wife: "My darling, as you know, I don't drink. Today I'm going to make an exception. David Cassidy, here's to you!"

Holmes has also taken to twitter and written: "After #ThisMorning interview with us , if #DavidCassidy isn't in #CBB next year they r missing out on his delusion & rudeness! Perfect combo."

He followed this by tweeting that Cassidy had stolen the crown of worst interviewee: "Just when I thought my #DavidBlaine i/view could never be topped along comes another David to steal the Crown - #DavidCassidy #ThisMorning"

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