Sunday 17 February 2019

David Beckham 'gives son Brooklyn dating tips'

Victoria Beckham has spoken about her fears and joy as a mother of four children
Victoria Beckham has spoken about her fears and joy as a mother of four children

David Beckham has reportedly been giving his son Brooklyn tips on being in love.

The former footballer and his fashion designer wife Victoria are parents to Brooklyn, 16, as well as Romeo, Cruz and Harper. Brooklyn has been spotted out and about with his new girlfriend Sonia Ben Ammar lately, who he met while on holiday in the Maldives earlier this year (15). Apparently David is fine with the romance, but wants to ensure his son doesn't get hurt.

"David explained to Brooklyn how relationships work, especially at his age," an insider told Britain's Heat magazine. "He has told him that if he's in love with Sonia, that's great, it's a good feeling to have someone by your side who loves you back. But he's also warned him that he's young and it may not last, He told him to just enjoy himself and not worry about the future."

Victoria is said to be less easy going about the budding relationship though. Although she wants nothing more than for her eldest son to be happy, she apparently wants to make sure any potential love interests are fixated on his personality and nothing else.

"Like any mum, Victoria has Brooklyn's best interests at heart," the source said. "She's keeping an eye on Sonia and has also done some research into her and her family. Sonia is an up-and-coming actress and Victoria is wary that people might try to get close to Brooklyn because of who he is. She's keeping a secret, watchful eye on the two of them."

The young couple certainly seem very happy together, with Sonia spotted tenderly touching her boyfriend's face during a recent day out.

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