Thursday 5 December 2019

Cumberbatch knows Moriarty secret

Benedict Cumberbatch has hinted he knows what happened to Moriarty in Sherlock
Benedict Cumberbatch has hinted he knows what happened to Moriarty in Sherlock

Benedict Cumberbatch has hinted that he knows what the secret is behind Moriarty's return from the dead in Sherlock, but is trying to forget so that he can rediscover it in the next series.

The actor plays Sherlock Holmes in the hit BBC drama and told MTV that he wanted to block out how Andrew Scott's character Moriarty is able to reappear after his apparent death, so that he can enjoy the reveal again - and so that he won't blurt it out before the episode airs.

Asked if he knew how Moriarty made his return, he said: "Yes. I think so. I casually choose to forget in order to rediscover it again a little bit."

Moriarty appeared to die on the rooftop where Sherlock faked his own death at the end of series two, but the villain reappeared in a viral video and on camera in the final episode of series three, leaving fans guessing whether he too had pretended to die.

Speaking to MTV at Comic-Con in San Diego, Benedict said: "It's very weird. Our audience hit with it is when Martin (Freeman, who plays Dr John Watson) and I read the script. And also when we get a rough idea of where it's going to go before we get the script.

"But I like casually forgetting, not least because there's a lot of other traffic between then and now but also because it's more fun because it's slightly more fresh.

"But it's a very good idea, I do remember that detail. I'm just trying not to remember it so I don't blurt it out."

He added of the fourth series, which begins filming in January: "I'm ridiculously excited about it because the whole purpose of us doing it again is that we can do it better than we did it last time and the pitch for this series is so exciting."

Meanwhile, series co-creator Mark Gatiss has told Australia's DNA magazine that he has had some steamy plot suggestions from fans.

He said: "Oh my God. I get sent things that would make your hair turn white. It's not just Sherlock and Watson holding hands on a park bench, I can tell you. Some of them are incredibly graphic but my goodness I've not tried half the things they're doing."

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