Monday 16 July 2018

CSI: NY star Gary Sinise spent time with FBI ahead of new role

Actor Gary Sinise stars in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders
Actor Gary Sinise stars in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

CSI: NY star Gary Sinise has revealed he could apply the skills he picked up in his years on the crime drama for his new FBI show.

Sinise stars in Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, a spin-off from the series about profilers in the FBI's behavioural analysis unit.

In the new show he stars as the head of the international unit, jetting around the world to solve crimes committed against Americans abroad.

It comes after he filmed almost 200 episodes of the CSI spin-off series, set in New York City, playing former marine Mac Taylor.

He said: "Some of it crossed over. On CSI we had to piece together the clues and that's what we do on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders but we are also profiling behaviour to get to the bad guy.

"So like Criminal Minds, the mother ship show, we too have a team of profilers that try to piece together clues as fast as possible and we are always on a ticking clock. We get on an aeroplane to fly around the world."

He added: "I went to the FBI in Washington and spent a good day there getting a lot of briefings, learning about the international division of the FBI, which exists.

"You hear about FBI agents going to explore a bomb site in some other country but we have over 140 cases every year of a disappearing American or a kidnapping or a murder around the world and the FBI goes in to try to solve those crimes with local law enforcement."

On his new role Jack Garrett, Sinise said he embraced the depiction of a member of law enforcement who does not have a turbulent personal life.

He said: " He's found a way to be a successful dad and have a successful marriage. He's married to his high school sweetheart.

"A lot of times you experience law enforcement people and they are all broken and going through something but I know a lot of folks who have managed to raise their kids and be good dads and still deal with a lot of dark stuff and somehow keep it separate from the family and I thought that would be a good thing to explore."

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders starts on W on Wednesday at 9pm.

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