Wednesday 16 January 2019

'Cringe word... I would never ever say that about myself' - Pippa O'Connor reveals why she hates being described as an influencer

Pippa O'Connor. Photo: RTE
Pippa O'Connor. Photo: RTE Newsdesk Newsdesk

Model and blogger Pippa O’Connor has said she hates being called an “influencer”, because the word makes her cringe.

The mother-of-two says she would never describe herself as an influencer, much like she was shy about telling people she was a model when she was younger.

“Cringe word. I don’t like that word. I just think it’s a bit cringey. It was like when my full profession was a model and if ever I went to a dentist or a doctor and you had to fill out your occupation, I’d make something up. I just thought it was too embarrassing to say ‘model’,” she told Ryan Tubridy on last night’s Late Late Show.

“I would never ever say that about myself, or write that about myself.”

Pippa, who runs her fashion, beauty and lifestyle website, says she hates when people write “horrible” things about others online. 

"I have based everything I do on social media. It's been amazing for me and I'm so grateful for it."

"When you see people using social media in the wrong way, when I see things written about people that are incorrect or downright horrible, I hate that, and it's very hard to read it about yourself or people around you," she added.

"You couldn't just print what you wanted in the paper – well, you could, but there's an implication – but it seems like people feel like they can say what they want online. I feel they should be more careful with what they say."

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